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It is all about the SAUCE!
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Delicious food always comes with great sauce. Four major sauces we serve in forbidden noodles are actually from our own kitchen, made from scratch, recipe of my grandma’s. Make sure you get some of the sauces together with your food! … Read More

Steam Buns
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One of our top selling items: Steam Buns! it is served on a soft steamed hoisin-brushed sweet bun with slow cooked pork or beef, added sweet pickles and scallians. Don’t forget our tangy mayo sauce. It is just such a … Read More

We made some dumplings on Chinese “End of Winter Day”
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  Today is the “End of Winter Day” on the Chinese calendar. It is the winter solstice, which means the last day of a long cold winter. It is also the day with the shortest daytime and longest night time. After the “End … Read More

You Can Make Your Very Own Asian Noodles Too!
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  I get asked a lot about how to make Asian food, especially noodles and rice. My friends always complain that real Asian food is always so complicated and takes so many steps to prepare. The truth is: not always. … Read More

Tips to marinate the perfect meat.
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    I mentioned how to stir fry beef in our blog post “A New Way to Make Egg rolls”. If you want to have juicy meat with rich flavors, the best way is to marinate the meat before you … Read More

A New Way to Make Eggrolls
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Today, I am introducing you a new way to make some delicious egg rolls. I chose beef for today’s egg rolls. You also can use chicken, pork, or any other meat you prefer. Ingredients:  Egg roll sheets( You can get … Read More