Tips to marinate the perfect meat.

Tips to marinate the perfect meat.

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I mentioned how to stir fry beef in our blog post “A New Way to Make Egg rolls”. If you want to have juicy meat with rich flavors, the best way is to marinate the meat before you cook it. My mom and my sister are two masters of marinating meat. And marinated meat can be used in so many ways, either with noodles or rice, or simply just serving it with some veggies. Here I will share some tips to make really good marinated meat!


So marinating meat is actually very simple. Basically, you mix your marinade juice or paste, rub it evenly on meat, seal it and put it in the fridge for over 2 hours, then the meat is ready to cook. But there are some details you should consider.



Using good ingredients is very important. If you can, get high quality meat as it will add so much flavor and texture into the food.



  • Before cutting the meat, hammer it first, not too much though, just to let the meat loosen, so the flavors are easily absorbed.
  • Before you marinate the meat, try to use a little vodka or vinegar to massage meat. This will get rid of some of the unsavory smell of the raw meat, so it tastes more genuine. 
  • If you like to add a little sweet taste, try to use some fruits like apples or pears. Simply just cut them into small cubes, adding them to the marinade. This way, the fruits not only give the meat some extra freshness, but also the enzymes released from the fruits will help soften the meat, making it softer and more juicy.















As far as making the marinade, it’s really up to you. There are no rules for it. If you are going for Asian flavors, pay attention to the ingredients of all the bottled sauces. Many of them contain MSG. Some people may have sensitivities to it or simply prefer not to have it in their food. I love Asian food, but can’t stand MSG. That is why we serve food with no MSG. 

Hope you’re able to incorporate some of these ideas into your own cooking! 

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