You Can Make Your Very Own Asian Noodles Too!

You Can Make Your Very Own Asian Noodles Too!

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I get asked a lot about how to make Asian food, especially noodles and rice. My friends always complain that real Asian food is always so complicated and takes so many steps to prepare. The truth is: not always. There are actually easier ways to cook noodles. Personally, my favorite type of noodle is Udon and sliced noodles. I think udon is one of the easiest types to cook. You can buy frozen udon packs, most of which are already fully cooked. You just put one or two “bunches” of these noodles into boiling water with some salt, and they are ready within 2-3 minutes. Of course, there are a wide variety of Asian noodles to choose from such as ramen, rice noodles, etc.¬†


So what should you add to your noodles?

Naturally, there aren’t any rules about what types of vegetables or meat to add. However, most Asian noodle dishes you will find that they add baby bok choy, because it is easy to store, has a crunchy texture, and is full of nutrients. Alternatively, you can add spinach, onions, lettuce, or a variety of other green, leafy vegetables.



The next step is to add some sort of mushrooms. Not all Asian noodle dishes add them, but I absolutely love using mushrooms, and they are extremely healthy too. Shiitake, King oyster, and Enokitake mushrooms are all excellent choices, and packed with nutrients. These are the mushrooms we’ve decided to serve in our restaurants, and they taste amazing. Soy products are also great to use, and I like to add tofu or tofu sticks to my noodle soups.


As far as meat goes, you can’t go wrong using marinated meat that has been prepared beforehand. The taste and texture will really compliment the noodles and crunchy vegetables along with the savory mushrooms. If you’re interested in learning to marinate meat, you can check my earlier blog post¬†Tips to Marinate the Perfect Meat


In the next blog, I will talk about a good way to make soup for soup noodles and stir fry noodles. We will be back soon!

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